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B&B Theatrеs Red Oak 12 (Texas, USA)

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B&B Theatrеs Red Oak 12 (Texas, USA)

The grand unveiling of B&B Theatres Red Oak 12 in the Dallas TX metropole heralds a new era in entertainment experiences within the region. This opulent amusement hub stands as the first establishment in the state, distinguished by its grandeur and an unmatched array of amenities and leisure offerings.

Set to become a pivotal cultural landmark in the city, this stunning multiplex boasts 12 theaters equipped with the forefront of cinema technology, including unique amphitheaters featuring 270-degree ScreenX views, 4DX, 2x Grand Screens, screenPLAY!, Lyric, and Max Relax. Additionally, the center is equipped with a B-Roll Bowling zone, an Outtakes Arcade with a climbing wall, Pickleball and Bocce Ball courts, and dining options.

B&B Theatrеs Red Oak 12 (Texas, USA)

The B&B Theatres Red Oak complex provides the latest laser projection technology and advanced audio systems from our Ukrainian partners at MAG Audio, ensuring unmatched sound quality and immersive cinematic experiences. We’re proud to offer reliable and convenient mounting solutions from MN Mounting Solutions for these sound systems, thanks to our highly valued partnership with Sonic Equipment Company. The models used include:

✔️ 28 x MN Mounting WRM-18 – speaker wall mount with pan and tilt
✔️ 24 x MN Mounting CMT-H3X – speaker wall mount with pan and tilt
✔️ 24 x MN Mounting CMT-CH – adapter for U-channel
✔️ 24 x MN Mounting CMT-FF – adapter for distance tube
✔️ 106 X MN Mounting WMT-C50 – low profile speaker wall mounts
✔️ 136 x MN Mounting SC4B-10 – safety cable for speakers
✔️ 8 x MN Mounting ARC-4B-30-CH – length-adjustable cable for ceiling mounting
✔️ 2 x MN Mounting WBM-500 – wall mounted beam
✔️ 24 x MN Mounting SC4B-20 – safety cable for speakers

This technological innovation, coupled with cozy auditoriums, comfortable recliners, a plethora of entertainment options, and an exclusive bar, makes B&B Theatres Red Oak the perfect venue not just for attending high-quality sound and picture movie screenings but also for a wide range of family outings, friendly gatherings, and corporate events.

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