CMT-H3x - Ceiling mounting series

CMT-H3x - Ceiling mounting series
Made from high quality materials
Warranty period

7 years warranty

Description CMT-H3x - Ceiling mounting series

The CMT-H3x is a heavy-duty speaker ceiling mount with rotation and tilt functionality.

This bracket supports loudspeakers weighing up to 45 kg (100 lbs.) and comes with a design factor of 7:1.

Its speaker & ceiling mount bracket are installed separately and coupled very easily by just one person.

Tilt adjustments are simply achieved by means of a self-locking mechanism holding the speaker in place, even with all the bolts fully released.

The CMT-H3x mount fits all loudspeakers that are foreseen from a universal mounting patterns (5” x 2,75”, 4,25” x 2”, 6,9” x 3,4”, VESA 75x75 and 100x100).

The CMT-H3x is the way to go in all immersive sound applications given its rotation of 360°, 0° to 90° vertical tilt and 0° to 63° horizontal tilt.  

Specification CMT-H3x - Ceiling mounting series

Functions Celing Speaker Mounts
Mounting holes 4x dia 9 mm (dia 0.34”) (5” x 2,75” pattern); 4x dia 9 mm (dia 0.34”) (4,25” x 2” pattern); 4x dia 9 mm (dia 0.34”) (6,9” x 3,4” pattern); VESA 75x75; VESA 100x100
Rotation Angle 360°
Pan angle 0° ... 63°
Tilt angle 0° ... 90°
Load limit 45 kg - 100 lbs
Design factor 7:1 ratio
Dimensions 222 x 200 x 123 mm - 8,74” x 7,87” x 4,84”
Net weight 1,43 kg - 3,15 lbs
Compatible MAG Cinema speakers SUR-63, SUR-83, SUR-103, SUR-123, SUR-153, SUR-153H, SUR-408
Compatible JBL speakers 9350, 9300, 9310, 9320
Compatible QSC speakers SR-800, SR-8101, SR-1000, SR-8200, SR-1020, SR-1030, SR-1290, SR-1590, SR-5152
Compatible SLS speakers CS1090, SC1290S-CM, SC-1290S, 114RT-IPXO, 8290V2
Compatible Klipsch speakers KPT-250, KPT-1201, KPT-1200M, KPT-1260 H, KPT-8001
Compatible Vive Audio speakers LS1S, LS2S, LS5S, LA3Si, LA4S
Compatible Alcons speakers CCS8, CCS8S, CCS12