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MN PAP-900 at the Diogo Bernardes Theatre (Portugal)

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Diogo Bernardes Theatre

The Diogo Bernardes Theatre, situated in the picturesque town of Ponte de Lima, Portugal, is a beacon of cultural heritage and architectural beauty. Commissioned in 1893 and inaugurated in 1896, this Italianate theatre was built on the grounds of the former Convent of Santo António dos Frades Capuchos. In 1920, the theater debuted screening films, enriching its diverse cultural offerings. After facing a period of neglect, it was acquired by the municipal council in 1992 and underwent significant restoration and expansion. The doors re-opened in 1999 to continue its tradition of hosting a wide range of cultural events, particularly in theatre, music, cinema, and dance​​​​​​.

In a recent development, our esteemed partner Dcinema took on the task of enhancing the cinematic experience at the Diogo Bernardes Theatre. They installed our MN Mounting PAP-900 pedestal for new the Barco projector. This multi-purpose projector pedestal not only facilitates convenience and reliability in film projection but also incorporates 34U rack space for power amplifiers, processors, and other rack-mountable equipment, alongside an adjustable 3D system mounting option.

The integration of our equipment at the Diogo Bernardes Theatre in Ponte de Lima is a testament to the global reach and versatility of MN Mounting Solutions. Our technologies support a seamless delivery of cinema and performance arts, making a significant yet unobtrusive contribution to reliable and high-quality entertainment experiences around the world.

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