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MN at the Kiwi Center Winterthur Cinema in Switzerland

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The Kiwi Center Winterthur Cinema

The Kiwi Center Winterthur Cinema in Switzerland is an entertainment complex that combines modern technology with elegant design. For nearly 100 years, this cinema has been an integral part of the city’s cultural life. It warmly welcomes audiences of all ages, providing them with unforgettable movie experiences.

The Kiwi Center offers ten theater auditoriums, equipped with the latest technology. Recently, Screens 1 and 2 underwent major renovations, significantly enhancing the viewing comfort and quality. The technical side of the installation was handled by our highly valued partners from ECCO Cine Supply & Service. To ensure the highest reliability and convenience, MN Mounting’s acoustic system solutions were chosen. MN’s high-quality mounts allow for precise and secure installation of surrounds.

List of MN Mounting Solutions equipment used:

✔️ 18 x MN CMT-H – ceiling mount 2 axes
✔️ 18 x MN CMT-P – direct ceiling plate
✔️ 14 x MN CMT-D120 – fixed tube/pipe 1/2″
✔️ 6 x MN WRM-18 – pan & tilt wall mounts
✔️ 8 x MN WRM-11 – pan & tilt wall mounts
✔️ 4 x MN CMT-TP – direct ceiling plate tiltable
✔️ 2 x MN CMT-D90 – fixed tube/pipe 1/2″
✔️ 2 x MN CMT-D32-48 – telescoping tube/pipe 1/2″
✔️ 12 x MN WMT-20 – fixed wall mounts
✔️ 4 x MN WRM-25 – pan & tilt wall mounts

The Kiwi Center Winterthur is a prime example of a cinema that uses cutting-edge technology to create the best possible conditions for movie viewing. The installation of MN Mounting’s acoustic system mounts highlights the cinema’s commitment to achieving and offering the highest standards of safety, auditorium design, and audio coverage, creating an unforgettable experience for all visitors.

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