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SRD-600 / 36U is a sound rack that provides mounting space for standard 19 inch devices and provides maximum ease of mounting convenience for any installation.
The SRD-600 / 36U version has a main frame, convenient back doors for quick mount, has a front door with glassand side walls that are easily and quickly removed, equipped with panel for connectors, vertical profiles, 3-fan cover, perforated cover, different sizes rack covers, cable gland cover and mounting shelf.

This high end and robust sound rack is assembled in less than 10 minutes using only one size standard hex key, which is provided with the rack.
All parts of this sound rack are covered with scratch-resistant black polymer finish.

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Description SRD-600/36U

Additional information


19” Rack

Front / Rear / Side mounting space


Top / Bottom mounting space


Weight capacity

500 kg – 1102,31 lbs


600 x 626 x 1784 mm / 23,62” x 24,65” x 70,24"

Net weight

81,90 kg / 180,6 lbs


1. Frame top SRD-600 1 pcs
– RC-4U with fasteners 1 pcs
– Rack Cover for 3 fans 4U with fasteners 1 pcs
– RPB-2U with fasteners 1 pcs
2. Frame bottom SRD-600 1 pcs
– RC-2U with fasteners 1 pcs
– RCV-2U with fasteners 1 pcs
– RC-6U with fasteners 1 pcs
– Shelf with fasteners 2 pcs
3. Rack pillar SRD-600/36U 4 pcs
4. Side panel assembly 36U 2 pcs
5. Glass door assembly 36U 1 pcs
6. Blind door assembly 36U 1 pcs
7. Vertical profile with fasteners 12U 12 pcs
8. Cable channel with fasteners 12U 6 pcs
9. Jumper with fasteners SRD-600 4 pcs
10. Screw M6x16 DIN 912 16 pcs
11. Nut M10 DIN 934 4 pcs
12. Leg M10x30 4 pcs
13. Hex key 5 – 1 pcs
14. Installation manual – 1 pcs

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