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Regal Regency Cinema (Panama City, Florida, USA)

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The Regal Regency

After five years of waiting, Regal Regency has re-emerged from the ashes following the catastrophic Hurricane Michael in October 2018. The entire structure had to be razed to the ground and painstakingly rebuilt, but every ounce of effort was worth the stunning result.

Within the theater, you’ll find the forefront of cinematic technology, boasting premium formats like 4DX, Atmos, ScreenX, and RPX. 4DX enchants patrons with immersive scents, dynamic seat motion, enveloping sound, and even simulated fog and mist – just a glimpse of what’s in store. ScreenX offers a breathtaking 270-degree panoramic viewing experience, ensuring an unparalleled plunge into the world of cinema.

To ensure the highest quality audio experience, Regal turned to MAG Cinema, one of the global leaders in cinema acoustics from Ukraine. For the crucial task of secure and precise speaker mounting, they chose MN Mounting Solutions.

The installation across the 11 auditoriums featured the following MN Mounting Solutions:

✔️ 18 x MN Mounting CMT-P (Dolby Atmos Auditorium)
✔️ 18 x MN Mounting CMT-H3X (Dolby Atmos Auditorium)
✔️ 18 x MN Mounting CMT-D44-72 (Dolby Atmos Auditorium)
✔️ 24 x MN Mounting WRM-18 (Dolby Atmos Auditorium)
✔️ 124 x MN Mounting WMT-C150 (Other 10 auditoriums)

Panama City’s, Florida, USA Regal Regency is back in action and it’s promising its audiences many unforgettable cinematic experiences and the assurance of safety in their viewing, thanks to the unwavering reliability of MN Mounting Solutions.

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