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R/C Richland Crossings Movies 12 (Quakertown, USA)

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R/C Richland Crossings Movies 12 Quakertown, Pennsylvania (USA)

Just a couple of months ago, the new R/C Richland Crossings Movies 12 cinema opened its doors to the public in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, USA. This 12-screen cinema complex is located at the northwest end of Boulevard in the Richland Crossing shopping center. It’s owned by the family business R/C Theatres, established in 1932, and is part of a network that includes 14 locations across several states.

The cinema offers numerous amenities, including luxury heated recliner seats, two premium format auditoriums, laser projectors for ultra clear imaging, Dolby 7.1 and Dolby Atmos sound systems, large screens, and an expanded snack area. To ensure convenient and reliable mounting of the Dolby Atmos sound systems, ceiling mounts from MN Mounting Solutions were used:

✔️ 30 x MN CMT-H3X – Ceiling Mount 3 Axes
✔️ 30 x MN CMT-CH – Unistrut Adapter
✔️ 30 x MN CMT-FF – Female to Female Adapter

With the opening of this cinema, residents of Quakertown PA now have a wonderful place to watch their favorite films in comfort and with high-quality sound and imaging.

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