SR-600/36U - Sound Rack

SR-600/36U - Sound Rack
Made from high quality materials
Easy and Fast Assembly

Assembly will take less than 10 minutes


Provides for any 19" inch device

Warranty period

7 years warranty

Description SR-600/36U - Sound Rack

The SR-600/36U is a sound rack that provides mounting space for standard 19 inch devices. This rack features 19 inch rails on the front, rear, side, top and bottom panels, providing ultimate mounting convenience for any installation.  

The SR-600/36U is available in two versions, a basic and an extended kit version. The basic version provides the essential frame and side covers; the extended kit version additionally includes set of 19 inch covers to also fill the front, back, top and bottom spaces.

This high end and robust sound rack is assembled in less than 10 minutes using only one size standard hex key, which is provided with the rack.

All parts of this sound rack are covered with scratch-resistant black polymer finish.  

Specification SR-600/36U - Sound Rack

Specifications Audio Rack
Functions 19” Sound Rack
Front / Rear / Side mounting space 36U
Top / Bottom mounting space 10U
Weight capacity 500 kg - 1100 lbs
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1747 x 592 x 592 mm - 68,78” x 23,31” x 23,31” inch
Net weight Basic version 44,65 kg - 98,44 lbs
Net weight Extended Kit version 61,37 kg - 135,30 lbs
Color Black