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MN’s at The Lumière Institute (Lyon, France)

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The Lumiere Institute

MN Mounting has always taken pride in the quality and indestructible reliability of our products. However, there are things even more legendary, and we’ve had the privilege to touch that magic and even leave our mark. MN Mounting is renowned as a manufacturer of mounts for acoustic systems and other accessories. Cinemas, in particular, are our primary clientele. MN Mounting’s products have served theaters in Athens and Chicago, London and Cannes, Los Angeles and Munich, Paris and Amsterdam, but one small installation in France will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

We are referring to the “Lumière Institute” located within the historic villa of the Lumière brothers in Lyon. This iconic building embodies the legacy of the Lumière brothers, celebrated French inventors and pioneers of the cinematic arts. It was here that they dedicated countless hours to their experiments and research, ultimately giving birth to the revolutionary invention known as the “Cinematograph.”

MN Mounting WMT-20

Undoubtedly, such a storied place houses a cinema hall, and we take pride in the fact that our partners, MAG Cinema from Ukraine, were chosen to modernize it with their exceptional acoustic systems. In turn, we provided reliable mounting solutions for the surround speakers, specifically 14 units of MN Mounting WMT-20.

Despite the seemingly modest scale of this project, its value to us lies not in quantitative measures, but in the privilege of becoming a part of cinematic history right at its place of birth. We extend our gratitude to our technical partners at for making this opportunity a reality!

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