UBR-500 - Wall mounted beam

UBR-500 - Wall mounted beam
Made from high quality materials
Safe & Strong

45 kg / 100 Lbs Working Load with 7:1 Design factor

Warranty period

7 years warranty

Description UBR-500 - Wall mounted beam

UBR-500 is a wall U-bracket with adjustable width and depth supports speakers with side mounting with width up to 532 mm.

For speaker mounting, two M10 compatible hole patterns are provided, with possibility of fast depth adjustment.

UBR-500 is made of high-durable steel, zinc plated, and powder coated.

Specification UBR-500 - Wall mounted beam

Functions Horizontal bracket; Tilt
Speaker mounting holes 2x M10 slots
Wall mounting plate 554x95 mm
Pan angle Depends on speaker geometry
Load limit 45 kg
Dimensions 304 x 285 x 95 mm
Speaker width range 372mm - 532mm
Mouting depth 176mm - 326mm